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A New Perspective

I need one right now. I cannot say why at the moment, but there are deep moments of sadness and anxiety. Followed then by a breath of clarity and the mundane, but ultimately left with a longing for more.

contax g2. kodak portra 800. los angeles.

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a journey | tuscany

Happiness is a journey, not a destination – D’Souza

In my younger years (stop laughing), I often sought out the words of my predecessors to find inspiration. I had an insatiable hunger for quotes filled with knowledge of life, love and happiness. I guess I figured that those who had traveled the road prior to me, would have the answers. The right way to find happiness and reach the ultimate goal of bliss. Was it in finding the right man, settling in the perfect town, landing the most illustrious career. All the things I was taught would bring joy. But, as each goal was checked off I still felt empty and unfulfilled. Confused and feeling lost after crossing off each task, I sorta gave up.

It wasn’t until this past year, and even this past few months did I realize that it was my very path and each task or event that made up happiness. It wasn’t just the pride of graduating college, it’s the late night study sessions eating junk food. Nor is it the wedding day, but more the small moments of laughter and challenges you overcome to get to that point. Lately, I find myself just holding and rubbing Steve’s hand. Cherishing the fact that we are here together, today and able to hold hands. It is this that makes me happy. It is less the idea that maybe one day we may own a home (well this could be exciting) and more the reality of just being able to be together. The fact that today we can go out and enjoy a meal together, whereas he was unable to eat last week. It’s funny how these things bring you closer together. I’ve heard it before, but never truly understood it until we lived it.

I have learned, from my own life, the true meaning of the above quote. That life is full of obstacles to be overcome (hey they build self esteem) and this is the main part of happiness, the journey.

Amidst all the personal challenges since March, we did manage to take a journey to Tuscany’s Spannocchia to celebrate our good friends’ (yes plural we love the bride and groom) wedding. Originally, we were supposed to photograph and video the event, but we’ve had a sudden change of plans and had to bow out. Thankfully, we were given last minute clearance to go for one week. It was a much needed trip to be around loved ones before our next challenge began at home.

Our trip made us realize that life is definitely a series of happy events, rather than a journey to reach a single place of happiness. It is these small chunks of time with loved ones that empower us to face the not so “happy” times. Our friends, Kim and Gary, had one of the most spectacular wedding weeks. Yes week. They had pizza night, cooking classes, an attempted trip to wineries, a ‘hen’ party in Siena, pool days and on and on and on. All these events were amazing, but mostly it was the time spent sitting, talking and sharing that I will remember the most.

I leave you with a few pictures I snapped. And an excuse for not blogging in a long time…

I know i haven’t blogged in months. I could have made this post a long winded explanation about what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been working way to much at my day job here, here,  and here –  among other places. But, I’m not going to make long winded excuses. I’m going out now to enjoy Friday Dinner with Steve and our good friend, Patrick.

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photograph ideology | inspiration

If you’re anything like me you have about 84 blogs in your RSS feeder. Besides all the fun shopping ones, I have photographers ranging from newborns to news coverage to newlyweds. I’ve never found myself to be a person narrowed down to one element in life. It’s hard enough for me to choose between restaurants, the color of my hair and what to wear for the day, but to lock down my photography to one area or type is difficult. I know there are experts out there that will call me naive or foolish, but I guess that’s part of my learning curve. Maybe one day I’ll look back on all this and “call me crazy” (which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary).  There are those who preach that narrowing your focus or specialty is important to refining your talent and being clear with your clients. I totally see this point. But, my initial obsession with photography began with the the desire to capture a moment in time or the beauty of a person’s soul while telling a story of their life.  To me this applies to all aspects of image capture, from weddings, to birth, to the daily perspective of a child, to my own family, to the beauty in a small tiny flower. It’s my connection with the subject that is (if you must put a name on it), my “style”. My relationship with my client comes across in the images my camera happens to freeze during the moment. While I am mostly a child & budding wedding photographer, I have a longing to travel the world and create social awareness for humanitarian causes as well.

The point of all this is to say, I think I really love photography. Well, I should revise and say I love photography. I love how powerful the medium is in conveying a story. Whether it is a story of love or famine or birth or death, it is a window into the souls of others. A medium that brings awareness to all and levels the playing field of life to reveal the humanity within all people, within in all places of this earth and within all belief and economic systems. It allows people to be seen as human beings. I know that I may excel in one particular area, but overall I love to take inspiration from everywhere, not just other people’s wedding photos (although I do stalk about 56 wedding blogs. i am guilty.)

One of my all time favorite photographers once said:

I don’t believe a person has a style. What people have is a way of photographing what is inside them. What is there comes out.” – Sebastiao Salgado

Here are a few photos that have had a huge impact on me. They are NOT my photographs (I wish they were):


by brett walker

salgado_giants_2Salgado, “Genesis” Project, yet to be released

picture-3Ira Lippke

picture-1Ira Lippke

salgadoSebastiao Salgado

salgado_1Sebastiao Salgado

211Henri Cartier-Bresson

nachtweyJames Nachtwey


Michael Norwood

3349351006_d5593e3e67_oThe Parsons

3342086991_1e1ecfd10b_oThe Parsons

3348512971_0c45d4a90c_oThe Parsons

And Because they don’t all have to be heavy hearted (even though I see joy in some of the above):

3296243038_4c9404f8e7_oThe Parsons


Saw this yesterday. Pretty much shows how photographs can tell a story, together:

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jay | again | i agree

I really don’t need to elaborate on how awesome it is to spend yet another day with mr. jay reilly.  Really. He’s amazing. It’s not hard to describe why I’m attracted to Jay as a mentor and inspirational photographer. His work speaks for itself; clean, beautiful, timeless, emotive and just plain ol good.  But, most of all, I agree. I agree with his love of photography, his willingness to share and his obsession with photographing. He does it for the love it and then the livelihood {finance} follows, as a sweet reward.

Here are a few images from a Saturday spent in Oceanside with a Jay Reilly Workshop. Take One. Soon.

(I’m starting to write with proper punctuation again. Capitals were they belong, must be the influence of having to work again. Boo. Save me)20090321_jayreilly-82-edit







my favorite of the day. simple, but sweet.dsc_2095

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end to the summer…

really. it’s 7:10pm and it’s already dark outside. when did that happen? i used to love the dark and now it’s a bit annoying. it’s kinda difficult to shoot “natural light” portraits with out the second half of that phrase (especially when you have a day job).  however, there is nothing like that low lying fall sunlight. it’s amazing!!!!

i was walking around the bay area of los angeles today testing out a tilt shift lens that i rented. (darn it, i want one.) it’s so much easier to use then the lensbaby (my poor man’s rendition of a tilt/shift).  however, it is a bit of a specialty lens that would probably not pay itself off (yet) for me.  i think i’ll keep it for the week and have some fun.

i did find this little area today that i’ve been curious about, but never ventured past the pay for parking. great colors, textures and of course water (my favorite). now i just needs some peeps to photograph here.

don’t you wish golden sunlight wasn’t during rush hour traffic, the 5 (or 6) o’clock whistle?

a little montage of my afternoon walk today:

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