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i believe the children are our future…

…teach them well and let them lead the way.

So, i didn’t even need to look up the lyrics for this song. Um yeah. Here are the problems with that:

1.  It dates me. ‘nough said

2.  It’s a Whitney Houston Song. Tiny bit of SSSSHHH, please don’t tell anyone that i know this.

3.  I was singing it outloud when i was typing it. I can’t sing.

On to the real topic at hand. So, I know this is supposed to be a photography blog, meaning I’m supposed to post photos that I take. Well, since I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus lately, I’ve been spending mucho time on the world wide web. Throughout out my travels, I’ve built a ginormous collection of virtual shopping carts cluttered with about 300 items that I will never actually purchase. Amazon (ever so obssessed with the blythe doll thanks to bonnie tsang) and Etsy (whatever you do, don’t try the pounce function, it’s highly addictive) are at the top of my obsessions lately.  However, within my little internet fantasy shopping, I’ve also been researching philanthropic ventures.

I came across this lil venture the other day. I am a huge believer of educating the children of our world. I wonder what path my life would have taken if I had been exposed to photography earlier. There is such power in photography. It doesn’t have to be perfect. There’s no such thing. When I look at photographs that inspire me, they are ones that tell a story and reveal an intimacy that is real and unique.   Technical aspects are inevitably necessary, but in reality it’s the emotion that someone feels when looking at the image.  This is powerful. This can change people’s lives.

A true gift is teaching our youth to see not only beauty in their environment, but also giving them a voice. I believe in  Three Cups of Tea (I’m having a difficult time finding a more inspiring read) and Born into Brothels (a must rent or purchase – to multiply the gift) and now I believe in star shooter.

Here is the venture. Help. It will be amazing.

AND, to top it off they are giving away a Canon 5d Mark II (for all you nutty photographers). Just enter a photo for $25 and you may win.\


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jay | again | i agree

I really don’t need to elaborate on how awesome it is to spend yet another day with mr. jay reilly.  Really. He’s amazing. It’s not hard to describe why I’m attracted to Jay as a mentor and inspirational photographer. His work speaks for itself; clean, beautiful, timeless, emotive and just plain ol good.  But, most of all, I agree. I agree with his love of photography, his willingness to share and his obsession with photographing. He does it for the love it and then the livelihood {finance} follows, as a sweet reward.

Here are a few images from a Saturday spent in Oceanside with a Jay Reilly Workshop. Take One. Soon.

(I’m starting to write with proper punctuation again. Capitals were they belong, must be the influence of having to work again. Boo. Save me)20090321_jayreilly-82-edit







my favorite of the day. simple, but sweet.dsc_2095

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and there’s more | jay reilly

It isn’t often that you find anyone in any business that openly shares the secrets of their trade. Little things that take a second to explain, but took years of trial, error and mistakes to learn a more efficient and creative way.  I know in my current day career most people are skeptical of giving too many tricks or shortcuts away in fear of losing their uniqueness leading to the loss of job security. However, there are a few people in the business world that have learned the rewards (not only financial, but also emotional) attached to sharing knowledge.  I have been overwhelmed with the kindness of other photographers to share their techniques, business practices, pricing, marketing and client interaction.

Jay Reilly is a man of such nature. I learned so much in his wedding workshop. Not only does his work speak for itself, timelessly beautiful and full of story, but his demeanor is calm, reflective and just plain ol kind.

Take his workshop. Hire him for a personal session. Hire him for advertising shoots. He deserves it. He has earned it. You won’t be disappointed. You will be speechless.


















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day trippin’ | the salton sea

Lost shoes, “beer and burgers” (‘restaurant’ that specializes in mexican food/pizza/fried aspargus), dead salt crystallized fish, in n out, homemade cookies, great people, nonstop laughs, sharing, experimenting, mentoring, falling in quick sand, shootsacs galore, equality for all (canon and nikon), strobes, more food, unknown smells…

These words are a lame attempt to summarize a day on the “town”, with fellow bschool photographers.

Tuesday, I carpooled out to “California’s Crown Jewel of Avian Biodiversity” (according to the .gov website), The Salton Sea with 3 other photographers, Jenny Smith, Heidi Ryder, and Kevin Wynn.  I’m sure I talked their heads off all the way out and all the way back.  But, as is the nature of the bschool, these 3 were up for answering my mundane questions and chatting about the one of the things we all love, photography. Once we arrived, we met about 2 dozen other bschoolers and continued the day gabbing, posing, experiment and shooting.

Personally, I spent the day trying not to “shoot” people. Weird, right? I know a weakness of mine lies in landscapes and inanimate objects, so i forced myself to avoid putting live things (hence the dead fish) on camera.

Many thanks to [b]ecker for creating an environment that breeds “pay it forward” (i’m totally cheesy, i know) & Joe Photo for spear heading these outings.

Here are a few shots from the day:




















ok 2 people, but they are silhouette (matthew saville with camera)




Here are some of the other photographers that joined us out there, besides the 4 in our car (previously mentioned), so you can see their perspectives:

greg shaw

matthew saville

paige green


meg perotti

alfred bertulfo

heather kincaid

joe photo

hanssie trainor

more to come…

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no pain | no branding


As I laid in the remote field, surrounded by bushes of thorns and creatures of the unknown, I thought to myself  “What is she going to make me do? Will I do it correctly or will she think I’m a total amateur (which i am)?” Meanwhile, in this desolate and remote area, the unusual spotting of a jogger enabled my fear factor to intensify… “you know there are snakes in there” the man says and continues on jogging away. I am once again left with her. Alone. Having to follow her lead. As we ease into it, I am then told to climb up on a stump of wood with barb wire. Seriously, “you know I have a cashmere dress on” (I say to myself). “What am I doing here? I’m a grown woman.”

Now you may ask yourself, why would I hang out with someone for more than 2 minutes that jeopardized my physical welfare. And, then you will double ask yourself, why would I compensate this person for it. Well, Truth be told. I’m exaggerating a bit so you’d read my blog.

Really now…In the wild backwoods Ladera Ranch, California on this day, I truthfully had one of the best days of my recent years. Here, I had the pleasure to meet Carlie Renee of Gabriel.Ryan.Photographers.

Carlie is one completely and totally awesome chick. I don’t know how else to describe her. I have to admit I was a little nervous to meet her at first. I’m a tiny bit older and not quite as gorgeous (Yes Carlie, you are fantastically beautiful inside and out) and I was enlisting her help to build my branding.

From the moment I arrived at her house, I felt welcomed and loved (totally in a platonic friendly girls way… I’m starting to sound like a stalker). For doing my make-up, for helping with clothing options to ultimately making me feel completely at ease in front of the camera. ..For all these reasons and for the sheer talent of Gabriel & Carlie, I can completely understand their recent success in photography.

If you are a photographer, a bride, a business owner or just you, I highly suggest that you contact Gabriel.Ryan (if I’m not available of course, haha) to capture impeccably beautiful images of you… for promotion, for your husband or wife, for your mom or dad, for your family or for just lil ol you.  Have Carlie do your make up (if you’re a girl).  She’s pretty spectacular at it and I’ve seen some amazing make-up done in the film industry. Plus, she’s great to sit around and chat with, able to warm you up for your photo session. If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand being on the “wrong” side of the camera. Well, fret no more, I’ve found your answer.

p.s.  The biggest disappoint of the day, my fake eyelashes had to eventually come off and Carlie doesn’t live close enough to come over every day to put them on.

p.s.s. Oh yeah. I met Gabriel for about 2 seconds and without hesitation, I can completely understand why they are husband and wife.

p.s.s.s  Photographers, I have to say it’s so important to have photos of yourself  because:   (1) brand yourself (besides creating spectacular photos (2) Clients need to see you. They are intrigued to see who you are and aesthitic presentation is so important, like it or not.  (3) Support other photographers in their financial status & portfolios.  (4) you’ll learn a lot about your clients being on the otherside of the camera. (5) you’ll learn a lot from watching another photographer in action.

OK. sorry this is so long, but I could go on and on. Now for some my photos, taken by Carlie… (go to her blog to see the rest)







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a r c h i v e s