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Just thinking today about how much I love the rain. Call me crazy.

It hasn’t rained since Steve was diagnosed.

It felt clean. A fresh start.

With the turning of the seasons, comes the turning of the minds. A revitalization.

I saw this. I’d say it’s straight to the point. AKA poignant. And, although it puts a negative spin on rain, you get the point.

“the way i see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain” – dolly parton

And a picture because lulu always brightens our day when she comes to visit. Even of it’s raining outside and she can’t play. She’ll soon forgot the ‘pain’ once the rainbow comes out.


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ttd | sneak peak

yesterday i headed over to robert evans studio in north hollywood for a trash the dress session with a group of other fun and experimental photographers from the online social network/school, photography mentor. this was my first staged shoot with models and lighting (besides actor headshots). i was a little nervous as i hadn’t met anyone prior and i had only been on the forum for about 7 days.  of course, everyone was awesome, friendly and forthcoming with our geeky photography talk. thanks to curt apanovich and candice cunningham and obviously robert evans for setting everything up. i am truly thankful for the opportunity.

let’s not forget the soon to be mr and mrs strickland (jason & nicole) for bearing the suddenly chilly fall weather with wardrobe changes, gravel, and lots of freezing water.

photographers, join photography mentor. they rock! more sessions to come!!!! once a month.

brides, trash your dress. it’s a liberating experience.

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my sister gets married

I flew to england and arrived on Friday for an all day affair on Saturday. Yikes, it was a bit rough, but well worth the trip as it was very important to Nikki.  Even though we live a continent apart (england vs los angeles), I knew i had to make the 3 day trip (flying back to Los Angeles on Sunday morning).  The day was perfectly plan and I (as usual) was the bridesmaid and not the bride.  She did such an amazing job organizing everything herself from making the bouqets to the setting the tables. AND, to make it more complicated we celebrated my nephew (her son), aidan’s, christening at the same time. It’s hard enough planning a wedding, but to also handle a 1 year old and organize a christening. My hats off to her!

I know we are far apart, but Chris, Nikki and Aidan are very close to my heart.

Here are a few shots (as a guest, trying to stay out of the real photographers way).

Her Dress was amazing

getting ready gets boring…

from chris…

bride details

even the bridesmaids got a lil glitz…

Nikki even put all the flowers together herself

my sweet sweet nephew, aidan

a few shots of the happy couple

and the getaway car

nan & len fun with bubbles… (aka grandma & grandpa UK style)

mummy, where are you going?

just one of the many lil boys under 3 years old.

time for a small rest

tearing up the dance floor and the flower girl dress (literally)

done with the dress. done with the socializing. time to play.

my sister and my godson/nephew. end to a long night.

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lila & henry boone (& otis)

so lila is a good friend of ours from work. as a 1st assistant camera “wo”man on the set she’s subjected to “manly” working conditions. on a daily basis she carries around heavy film lens cases, motion picture cameras weighing over 100lbs. at the same time she has to act tough to keep away from the sexism that sometimes prevails film sets.  SO, all this brings me to the recent birth of her first son, henry. when i saw her, you could truly see the femininity that motherhood brings to a woman. she looked amazing just days after birth.

only problem. otis. he was a lil suspicious of the new boy in town…

Otis not so sure…


introducing henry…

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f i n d   m e
a r c h i v e s