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the city will prevail

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.

-Mahatma Gandhi

india is often thought of as a country of peace, reflection, meditation and non-violence.  ironically, november 26, 2008, 172 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured.  this isn’t the first attack of terrorism in india, but it is one that has affected people from around the world of all ages (6 year old children), races and religions. i choose not to interject political or religious beliefs/theories. however, i do choose to reflect on the hundreds and thousands directly and indirectly effected by this tragedy.

my thoughts and prayers are with these individuals and families. i am thankful that today i have my loved ones and i am protected by the thousands of young men and women in the police, military and government of the united states. it is my only hope that generations to come learn a nonviolent way of coexisting within the diversity of thought and belief that make each of us unique and amazing.

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ttd | sneak peak

yesterday i headed over to robert evans studio in north hollywood for a trash the dress session with a group of other fun and experimental photographers from the online social network/school, photography mentor. this was my first staged shoot with models and lighting (besides actor headshots). i was a little nervous as i hadn’t met anyone prior and i had only been on the forum for about 7 days.  of course, everyone was awesome, friendly and forthcoming with our geeky photography talk. thanks to curt apanovich and candice cunningham and obviously robert evans for setting everything up. i am truly thankful for the opportunity.

let’s not forget the soon to be mr and mrs strickland (jason & nicole) for bearing the suddenly chilly fall weather with wardrobe changes, gravel, and lots of freezing water.

photographers, join photography mentor. they rock! more sessions to come!!!! once a month.

brides, trash your dress. it’s a liberating experience.

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california turning of the skies

even though we don’t have the turning of the leaves in los angeles, we kinda happen to have our own lil nature shift. there’s something pretty spectacular about the fall sunsets in california. the only downside is the 15 minute time constraint, wish they were a tiny bit longer… like 2 hours.

50 day count down to continuous hawaiian sunsets like this. although can’t say the sunsets in california are any less amazing.

**small technical note for photographers, there are SOOC, just a lil sharpening. in camera exposure.

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turning 2

what happens at the magical number of 2. we are no longer measured in months, instead we jump to years. you are no longer 26 months, instead “just turned 2”.   2 & 3/4 instead of 30 months. this is when time starts to fly, you can’t wait for 3. then it’s 13 so you can be an official teenager, 18 so you can establish your “independence” and leave home. then it’s 35 and you wish you were 25. are we ever happy with age. well i think 30 something is amazing (sounds better 400… months). wish these years would stay a little longer.

anyway last saturday i went to a 2 year old birthday party. this is one of the superstar guests that couldn’t stop smiling. seriously look at those eye lashes and that sweet mug. she doesn’t seem to be a member of the terrible twos, yet. she was amazing, as you can tell.

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f i n d   m e
a r c h i v e s