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julian geoffrey | sneak peek

so very proud to say I’m an aunt. first time in the USA (i have my godson, aidan, in the uk).. HOW FREAKIN EXCITED AM I (i’m writing in all caps, so i’m totally pumped). and, to top it all off they are only an one hour plane ride away, in half moon bay. congratulations to my brother, jason and my sister-in-law, julieta!

Julian Geoffrey

October 10, 2008


6 pounds 10 ounces

21 inches

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Dylan + Jamie

shooting a commercial right now (not as a photographer, but production manager, don’t get excited), so i haven’t written in a while. so here we go.

when my friend/biz contact taylor’s husband, DB, called and asked if i would photograph his family, i was a tiny bit scared. this would be my first official party of 4. it’s one thing to photograph a 8 month old crawling around or a 2 year solo, but yikes directing 4 people with two of them under the age of five was definitely going to be a challenge.  i was a lil bit nervous to tell someone that i work with what to wear, where to stand, how to stand (which i’m sure they could easily tell). however, i felt it was time. time to step outside of my comfort zone of telling people who can’t really talk what to do.

saturday we set out to take a few family portraits and a couple of headshots. DB has a budding REAL ESTATE CAREER in santa monica and was looking for some photos for marketing. being the efficient, thorough guy that he is, DB had an idea of some shots that he wanted to cover, which was a relief to me. it helps when people key you into their routine as a family or individual.  when i arrived at the house DB was cooking bacon (yummy) and eggs for the kids AND he had fresh coffee for me. i think as a parent he knew what i was in for…something a non-mom wouldn’t know. he knew i’d need caffeine.

when i saw that the kids were still in morning gear, i was totally excited. i love to photograph kids in their true elements. uncombed hair running around with slippers (or crocs in Dylan’s case). i think my best captures were during this time. they had such beautiful diffused natural light through the windows of their house. heaven.  afterward a couple of hours, we headed to santa monica beach, a family favorite and weekly routine. the light was a little harsh for my liking, but i think i captured some of the fun they like to have at the beach.

jamie, is the gorgeous (almost 4) green eyed son of taylor and DB. he was not at all camera shy. before i said a word, he smiled at camera and said cheese. wow. he showed me one of his favorite toys, was good about sharing with his sister and ate his whole banana. good stuff.

dylan, who is an exact mini replica of taylor and DB, was so sweet and innocent. you could tell her soul was unique, strong willed and tender (jamie was too, but he’s a 4 year boy. enough said). dylan’s big eyes and white blond are to die for.

taylor & DB. what can i say. taylor owns a boutique production company, TRIO, in west los angeles. she is kind, honest, hard working and very saavy (so don’t cross her). i’ve known her for many years now…pre DB, pre kids, pre trio. she is both inspirational as a human and as a working woman. owning a well established  company, in a loving marriage and an amazing mom. DB, is one of the most amazing fathers i’ve met. he knows his kids ins and outs. he knows nap time, he knows favorite snacks, favorite toys, favorite books, seriously (my dad never knew these things). meanwhile he is giving, not only in his home life, but work. he has a real estate business of his own in a neighborhood he knows well and lives in. i’ve been working with another real estate agent and he still offered up advice and candid suggestions knowing that he was profiting off of his efforts. KIND.

well. here are a just few sneak peak images from our day. can’t wait to see them all again.

just checking out the ocean

burnt bacon, my personal favorite too…




alone time

family time

one of my favorites

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what a new ferris wheel

really i knew there was a new ferris wheel in santa monica, but i thought i was being funny. just walking around yesterday looking for locations for a family shoot next week and couldn’t resist a snap of the LED (all capitals, i must be serious) ferris wheel. not as vibrant as the old one, but hey it’s better for the environment and it has it’s own charm.

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eliana for the gap

So Gap is having a contest to find their next top model. I’m not sure if it’ll be a reality show drama with fights over bottles, swaddling blankets, beanies, bugaboos, and the hippiest onesies.  Of all the children I’ve met it’s so difficult to think of just one that depicts the “perfect” baby. Each one of them has that sweet innocence which never fears how the camera will portray them.  They posses that determined spirit which sometimes gets hidden once they evolve.

One of my dearest friends of 20 years, Paola, has an amazing little Girl, Eliana. I cannot express how amazing she is and how she gravitates towards my lens (no matter if it’s a huge scary one or a tiny lil prime).  I feel like i don’t even have to try when i take her picture.  Paola was looking for a picture to enter into the Gap contest. I think the bottom one works. What do you think?

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